I finally have some time to blog.

The last four months have been pretty much a hell-on-earth scenario:

I shot a sci-fi short film – “Entropy” – which is the final project for my Master’s Degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Arts. It was really, really difficult, but I feel that it was a GREAT learning experience;

I also created a simple 2.5D side-scroller (using Unity3D) for my “3D Interactive Animation” class, along with one of my classmates. The game – “Seed” – was supposed to be a story-driven platformer, but ended up as a simple demo due to time constraints. Hopefully, we’ll pick up where we left it in a few months. Will post screenshots and/or videos soon;

Meanwhile, I’ve also been learning how to code through Codecademy’s CodeYear and by myself, using Objective-C and cocos2D;

Now, I’m busy writing my Master’s dissertation and contacting small portuguese game companies in order to try and get an internship.

Life’s hard…

Still, I always seem to find time to do some stupid stuff for fun and, so, I end today’s post with a concept icon for my (hopefully) upcoming iOS game.

Will update soon with more news about the game’s story and gameplay.


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