Project: broken

I’ve just started the process of designing my first iOS game. For real.

After a few (peaceful) discussions with my girlfriend and coding sidekick, Joana (@joanaomarques), we’ve decided to forgo the development of a simple time-waster and go straight for something more relevant and insightful. It’ll take a lot longer, because neither of us is a proficient programmer, but we think it’ll be worth it in the long run to have a (hopefully) meaningful game out there, rather than just a simple little attempt at iOS game programming.

As far as I’m concerned, this new focus on narrative will allow for a more serious and thought-out process. Rather than building a game that’s simply about squishing bugs, we’ll be trying to create a cool story that, hopefully, some people will relate to. Also, being able to work on the story, design and code will allow me to cover a few of the disciplines of game development and, in the process, learn a lot more about it.

We’re still finishing up the basic details of the game, so the next few weeks will be entirely dedicated to pre-production and, perhaps, some prototyping.

For now, here’s a sad little attempt at creating concept art:


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